WE'RE FULLY BOOKED FOR 2022 CAKES (not accepting any more orders)

Custom Cake Flavors & Fillings

Cake menu for cakes for 50+ guests. Cakes for fewer than 50 guests, please see our Designer Cake Collection.

Custom cakes are tailored to each client's personal taste and style, therefore, pricing is determined on an individual basis.

The exact pricing is dependent on the complexity of a design and cake flavor. Buttercream cakes start at $10.00 per serving/guest and fondant cakes start at $12.00 per serving/guest. Typically, cakes in the past have ranged $10.00 - $20.00+ per serving/guest. To request a quote, get in touch with me here!

top favorite cake flavors!

classic vanilla cake or lemon cake + lavender buttercream
classic vanilla cake + classic vanilla buttercream + strawberry compote*
classic vanilla cake + key lime buttercream + toasted coconut*
classic vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream + strawberry compote + almond-hazelnut praline*
lemon cake + fresh lemon buttercream + fresh raspberry sauce*
double chocolate cake + matcha buttercream + black sesame seeds*
double chocolate cake + mocha buttercream

get creative and make your own flavor combo!

cake flavors buttercream flavors add some flair!

classic vanilla

classic vanilla

almond-hazelnut praline*

double chocolate


salted caramel sauce* 



strawberry compote*


fresh raspberry*

fresh raspberry sauce*


fresh lemon

black sesame seeds


key lime

toasted coconut*


semi-sweet chocolate

chocolate ganache*



white chocolate ganache*




coconut cream


cookies 'n cream



*additional $0.50 per serving

Allergies: I take allergies very seriously and you should inform me if someone in your party has an allergy. Equipment and tools are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use, but please note they have all at one point been in contact with tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, eggs, and wheat.